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Sunday, June 14, 2009

CVS 101

CVSing! Tips and rules of shopping and savings at CVS using Extra Care Bucks (ECB)

First things first:

  • Before shopping at CVS you need to fill out a Extra Care Card (ECC) membership form. You can do this in-store (you’ll get your card immediately) or online (2 weeks). The CVS ECC is a must have item to receive your ECB! After you have received your ECC, I suggest you register it online to receive their emails for free 4 x 6 photos (50 FREE)! They will also send you a $4 off $20 in store or online coupon. Are you already on CVS’s mailing list? You can update your account with a new email for another coupon. When checking out hand over your $4 off $20 coupon before any of your other manufacturer or CVS store coupons.

How does the Extra Care program work?

  • ECB is the CVS reward program. The ECB print out at the end of your receipt and are used just like money towards your next purchase, once you present your ECC at checkout. The ways you can earn ECB are by looking at the CVS circular on Sundays where they will list the products producing ECB. Earn two ECB for every prescription purchased in the store or online. You will also earn 2% cash back on every purchase in store and online. These will print out at the end of your receipt every 3 months.

Things to know about ECB:

  • You can purchase an item and use those same ECB it produced to buy the same item over again as long as that item has a limit of more than 1! This is a great way to “roll” ECB.
  • ECB do not pay tax and do not give cash back, so when you use them make sure your purchase is more than what your ECB is valued at.
  • You will not receive cash back from using an ECB, so make sure your order comes to a little more than the value of the ECB you plan on using.
  • ECB are only valid for the card they were printed for.
  • You can use as many ECB as you want in one transaction, as long as they don’t go over your purchase total. You can also use as many ECB on 1 item (this is unlike the RR system at Walgreens, where you need one item for every coupon you use).
  • If you purchase multiple items for a particular deal in one transaction, only one ECB will print for that deal. That being the case, if you are suppose to get a $2 ECB for a shampoo and a $5 ECB for a Revlon product, it will print out a $7 ECB coupon instead of 2 separate ones. This is OK because it’s only 1 coupon you need to keep track of. However, you may not want your single ECB coupons to add up too high as it can be harder to spend and “roll”.
  • Here is a link to CVS and manufacturer printable Coupons. Remember, just like other stores you can “stack” CVS and manufacturer coupons together for a sweet deal!